The Sporting Uses of a MUGA Pitch

A MUGA is an artificial court or pitch that is marked out for various sports. Typical MUGA pitch combinations include Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Five a side football and Five a side hockey. A more robust pitch accommodates football, several Tennis courts, Hockey and multiple Basketball courts.

Users can enclose MUGAs with sports fencing if they want to keep the equipment in the area, protect spectators and facilitate smooth gameplay. Other options users get include recessed goals and permanent Basketball hoops. Floodlighting is another option users can get for winter and night-time gameplay.

Benefits of a MUGA pitch

When you use MUGAs, you get a gaming area that is marked using its bright colours. White, yellow, blue and red are some typical colours that stand out and inform the players of the lines they need to play within.

Low maintenance, as well as all-weather usage, is another benefit you will enjoy when you use the MUGAs. The use of durable materials makes it possible for the pitch to offer players quality playing services. What’s more, it’s easy to clean the pitch and maintain it.

Types of MUGA pitches

MUGAs are made of macadam, artificial turf, and polymeric rubber. An artificial turf pitch will come in various specifications to meet the requirements of different official sporting bodies. The angles are layered with synthetic and natural materials, creating a base layer that resembles natural grass. Durable lines are painted on top of the artificial turf in different pitch configurations.

A macadam pitch is a modern kind of tarmac that is porous and allows water to drain from the surface. It’s typical for sport such as tennis and netball because it’s possible to apply anti-slip coatings as this is most important ever to a number of people who are well known.

A polymeric rubber is ideal for netball, tennis, and basketball since it has super ball rebound characteristics. The MUGA pitch has a skid-resistant surface coating designed to incorporate the shock absorbing layer beneath to prevent tendon and muscle injury, a fantastic benefit for the safety of those who are using it for sporting activity.

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