refrigerated courier services

Things to consider while hiring refrigerated courier services

Most of the products being transported are fragile and sensitive in nature and thus, knowing that they are transported in a perfect manner is essential not only for us but our business too. Nowadays, with the facility like deep freeze, we are able to consume foods that are more than weeks old without losing its integrity. Not only that, with certain medications requiring to be kept in cold environments, the shipment of these medications become difficult, but with the likes of refrigerated courier services, we are able to freely transport sensitive products without the worry of it getting spoiled. The goods are transported using the bets refrigeration equipment and modern technology. It science behind every refrigerated truck are same but, the technology, techniques, and services may differ. These refrigerated trucks are designed in such a manner that the most sensitive product whether it is food or pharmaceuticals or any other product that requires cold storage can be easily transported without spoiling its real nature. We at pdq cold call provide refrigerated courier services depending on the following factors.

1.Temperature specifications for the products to be transported:
This is an essential factor for carrying out the transportation services easily. Based on the customer requirements and the nature of the products, the products are transported. Most of the time, the products might require being deeply frozen to make sure that it is not spoiled. And in some cases, it only requires being chilled. Thus, it all depends on the nature of the product and customer specification. Our chilled refrigeration ranges from 0*C to 16*C which can be further increased or decreased depending on the product, whereas; our frozen refrigeration ranges from -1*C to -21*C.

2. Which goods can be transported together:
This is another factor that leads to better transportation. Not all products can be transported together. For example, raw food items like fish and other meat cannot be put inside the same container, it will only spoil. On the other hand, pharmaceuticals and medicines are strictly recommended to transport separately. Thus, it is necessary for a transportation company to be enough experienced to know different shipment categories.

3. Cold Storage Transportation is all about communication:
Communication is the key in order to make sure that the shipment is taking place in a correct manner. Also, the communication between the transportation company and the client is also necessary because, when we talk about refrigerated products, it needs to be handed properly and the client must be acknowledged by the driver about his dispatch and arrival time so that the client can prepare place like a cold storage in advance so that the goods can be immediately stored in it at the time of arrival.

4. Geographical knowledge of the area where the shipment has to take place:
When you are on a deadline, you can’t take any chances because, if you delay in delivery, the customer will not be happy and also, there is a chance of the product getting spoiled. Thus, it is necessary that the transportation company is well aware of the geographical locations of the areas where they provide their services. Sometimes, the traffic can act as a nightmare and on the other hand, weather can also. Thus, to carry out transportation in a supreme way, the company has to possess a greater knowledge of all areas.